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Hey everyone,
It’s me again. I hope you enjoyed my last video about SEO. By now, you’re probably really excited to see the new SEO Blueprint — as we are excited to show it to you as well. 🙂
As I’m sure you remember, today we’re going to talk about something I call the “CRAZY spinning”. But before we even start, let me describe what spinning is and why it is important. I know that you probably already know this, but I want to be sure that we are on the same page.
Simply put, article spinning means adding synonyms to original words, sentences, and paragraphs of your original article with the intention of generating new unique articles from it. So, what we do is add synonyms to every word and then combine different words together. This way we get several unique articles out of just one.

And why do we spin our content?
Well, content is the foundation of every online business – we need it for our money sites and for SEO purposes such as link building as well. And we’re talking about needing a LOT of content here. This is why content is also — by far! — the biggest expense in every online business.
With the use of article spinning, we’re able to create several unique articles from one… which saves us a ton of money. This way, our online businesses are more profitable, not to mention the fact that the articles are instantly delivered when we spin them – we don’t have to wait for the writers to finish them.
So, there’s a number of advantages to spinning your articles – but are there any disadvantages as well? Well… if you do it right, then no, not really.

If your content isn’t spun well enough, though, Google can detect it as a duplicate content. This way, your websites aren’t going to rank as well as they could.
This is why it’s so incredibly important to do your article spinning right – and it’s also exactly what I am going to show you in this video.
I call this method of spinning “CRAZY spinning” – it really is crazy because it spins your articles from every possible perspective. When I spin my content, I don’t just replace some of the words — I replace basically every single word, plus I rewrite the phrases, and I write entirely different sentences and paragraphs.

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