How To Enable ENL Semantic Spinning Options In Spin Rewriter? [Spin Rewriter Tutorial]

How to enable ENL semantic spinning options in Spin Rewriter?

This is Jason from In this short tutorial video, I am going to explain how you can use Spin Rewriter to its full potential by enabling the ENL semantic spinning options.

After you enter your article in the text field, simply click this button and you will see 4 new checkboxes with the special ENL semantic spinning options.

Check this option if you want to enable automatic sentence level spinning. Where appropriate, Spin Rewriter will replace original sentences with spun versions of those sentences and make your article even more unique. Of course, our special ENL semantic spinning algorithm will make sure that the actual meaning of your original sentences stays completely the same.

Check this option if you want to enable automatic paragraph level spinning. With this option turned “on”, Spin Rewriter will spin paragraphs by removing or adding some of the sentences in your original paragraphs.

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If you want Spin Rewriter to also turn sentences around and change their structure, check this option. This is one of the most powerful features of Spin Rewriter — it will change the word order in your sentences without changing the meaning of your sentences. It’s quite amazing.

And finally, if you want Spin Rewriter to write additional paragraphs completely on its own, check this option. Spin Rewriter will automatically create an additional paragraph with a short summary at the end of your article, making your article longer and even more unique.

For the highest uniqueness and quality of your spun articles, I suggest checking all 4 options.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, simply click this button — Spin Rewriter will then spin your article on both sentence and paragraph level, it will turn sentences around to change their internal structure, and it will also write additional paragraphs completely on its own. This process is fairly short and only takes a couple of seconds. When it’s done, you can continue spinning your article on word level.

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Thanks and take care!

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