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How to Use Spin ReWriter
This is an article that I had written here. And the first thing that I do is, once I’m ready to go, what I actually do is I’ll create two spaces before headings, one space after, and one space after paragraphs. And you’ll see later on exactly why I do that. It actually helps me identify where the headings are and where the paragraphs are. Because once you take this into Spin Rewriter, you’re actually going to lose a lot of this formatting.

Here we go. I’m gonna select all, copy, and now what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna drop it right in. I used hot keys for this – “Control + C” for copy, “Control + V” as in Victor for pasting, but everybody has their own way. You can do a right-click or something like that if you wanted to. But as you can see here, I lost all the formatting and that’s why you can see the advantage of the spaces I just created before actually pasting it in.

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