How To Spin Articles Manually? [Spin Rewriter Tutorial]

How to spin articles manually?

This is Jason from In this short video, I am going to show you the easiest way to manually spin articles with Spin Rewriter. This way you have absolute control over what happens with your articles.

You can manually spin your articles on sentence and paragraph level in step 1. After you enter your article, make sure that you have the sentence and paragraph-level spinning enabled. Then, highlight any sentence or paragraph and you will see this popup window. You can enter different variations of your sentences and paragraphs here. To add more variations, simply click here. And when you are done, click this button.

To manually spin individual words of your article, click this button. Spin Rewriter will analyze the exact meaning of all words in your original article and prepare a list of thousands of the most appropriate synonyms for those words. Then, to see the list of suggested synonyms of a particular word, you can simply double click it. If this word has more than one meaning, you can find a list of all available meanings on the right and you can easily switch between them. However, Spin Rewriter is intelligent enough to automatically select the correct meaning for you so you don’t have to do the hard work. To use a particular synonym of the original word, you can simply click it. You can use this button to quickly select only the top synonyms — these top synonyms are pre-selected by Spin Rewriter so, again, you don’t have to waste any of your precious time on this. With this button here, you can quickly select all synonyms — if you want to make sure that your articles are spun as thoroughly as possible, and you don’t mind compromising a bit on the readability. You can also add your very own, new synonyms. Just type them in here and press enter.

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Once you’re satisfied with the selected synonyms of this particular word, you can apply the exact same synonyms to all occurrences of this same word with the exact same meaning in the entire article. To do this, simply click this button. This is a huge time saver as well!

You might want to rewrite whole phrases as well. To select a phrase, just highlight it with your mouse. Everything else is exactly the same and you’ll be done in seconds.
You can also enter the “fast mode” by clicking here. In the fast mode, you can quickly navigate through the text with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

When you are done selecting the best synonyms for your original words and phrases, simply click this button to finalize your article and you’ll be ready to start creating hundreds of high-quality unique versions of your original article in seconds.

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Thanks and take care!

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