One-Click Rewrite Settings [Spin Rewriter Tutorial]

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This is Jason from In this short video, I would like to tell you all about the “one-click rewrite” settings.

The “one-click rewrite” option can be found in the second step. Spin Rewriter will automatically rewrite your article on “word level” which means it will automatically pick the most suitable synonyms for your original words and phrases. Once it’s done, you will still be able to manually change the automatically selected synonyms. To make sure that your article meets your needs, you of course need to select the correct settings.

When you click the “one-click rewrite” button, you will see the following settings. First, you need to choose between the low, medium, and high-risk settings. The medium-risk settings are marked as recommended because they will work best for the widest range of scenarios. If you select the high-risk settings, Spin Rewriter will use all synonyms that just might be correct. This way, every word will have a lot of synonyms, but the generated spun articles might not be 100% readable. That is why we recommend using the “high-risk settings” only for generating content that will be used for your second and third tier link building.

The low-risk settings are used when you need to make sure Spin Rewriter will generate 100% readable articles. Spin Rewriter will only use the most suitable and time-tested synonyms for your words and phrases. This way, each word will have fewer synonyms, but the quality of the generated articles will be much higher than if you used the high-risk settings. Content that’s been spun with the “low-risk settings” can be used on your money sites. It can also be used for guest blogging and for other first-tier link building activities.

The medium-risk settings are marked as recommended because they are a good compromise between the low risk and the high-risk settings. When you pick the medium-risk settings, only the synonyms that Spin Rewriter believes are correct will be used. Generated articles will be well readable and still very much unique. Content that’s been spun with the “medium risk settings” is usually used for guest blogging and for other first-tier link building activities.

You can then check this box to enable nested spinning. This way, Spin Rewriter will find synonyms for single words inside spun phrases. Enabling this option will make your articles even more unique.

If you want to protect some of your original words from being changed or spun, you can simply enter these words here. If you do this, our spinning algorithms won’t touch them.
You can also check this box if you want to automatically protect capitalized words from spinning.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, simply click this button and Spin Rewriter will rewrite your article for you. When the spinning process is done, you can still manually change or add synonyms by double-clicking the original words.

Thank you for watching our tutorial video.

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