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Aaron’s SEO tips and techniques

Let’s get started with today’s cool SEO tips and techniques:
Many of you have probably already noticed that this whole SEO thing has changed a lot in the last couple of years. Google’s petting ZOO and their freaking animals have changed it to the point where many website owners are thinking about giving up for good.
They’re afraid of the risk — and I used to be, as well. However, my logic is really simple when it comes to SEO — as long there’s this one website that ranks on the first position in Google (and there always is one!), there must be a good and logical reason for that.
And as long as this reason isn’t that this website paid a bribe to Google, I’ll do whatever it takes to find out the actual reason and rank my own websites in the exact same way.
Now that’s some pretty simple logic, isn’t it?
This brings me to the point where we can take a look at some of these “reasons”…
Websites that are now ranking well on Google have lots of backlinks. Just like 5 years ago, backlinks are still the key to high rankings. So, when you’re optimizing your websites, you definitely need to know where you are going to get all those backlinks.
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular backlink sources. I call them gray hat, because they aren’t exactly black hat, but they aren’t white hat either. Well, according to Google, no link building is considered white hat anyway.
Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo,, and many others still work. Then, we’ve also got the Wiki sites. These sites have a lot of authority and you definitely want to get backlinks from them.
Backlinks from blog comments, document sharing sites and guest posts also still work. There are now more and more webmasters who are using various blog networks. No matter what some people might say — man, do the blog network still work! They work even better if you use the private ones. However, if you don’t have access to them, it is perfectly OK to start with posting your content to some public blog networks. I’ll give you detailed information about this in just a minute.
Still, before you go out and start working, let me just warn you that Google now considers the quality of backlinks even more important than the actual number of backlinks. So, it’s better to have fewer high quality links than a ton of low quality ones.
Then, let’s take a quick look at the anchor texts. The anchor text is what the links to your website actually say — it’s the clickable part. You know, sometimes you click the URL, sometimes it says “click here” and it’s a blue link, sometimes it says “free guitar lessons” and that’s a link. This is called the “anchor text”.
Anchor texts have always been super important. Some time ago, it was important to have as many links where the anchor texts included your exact keyword as possible. For example, if you had a website geared towards guitar players, you wanted to build links that said “click here for free guitar lessons”.
Nowadays, it is important to have as many different anchor texts as possible. You should use random anchor texts like “click here” or “visit this site”, plus all of your possible keywords, plus the synonyms of your keywords, plus a combination of anchor texts you’ll only ever use once… This way, your link profile will look more natural and that is the key to high rankings — with a great, natural looking profile and quality backlinks you can still get to the first page of rankings in Google in no time!
It’s also important that you build even more links to your existing links. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Let’s take a quick look at the logic behind this first. I mentioned before that quality is now more important than quantity. Still, there is only one way for Google to know whether a website is good or not – and that is by looking at the backlink profile of the websites that are actually linking to your site.
Because your links are usually coming from websites with higher authority, building links to them is much easier – and the effect of link building is even faster. And, because of this very same authority of those websites, you can also build links of lower quality to those places. Plus, building all these links can often be automated.
So, you don’t have to manually build links to websites that link to your money site. You can simply use automated methods to boost the rankings of your support sites.

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When you take a couple of seconds and think about it, it’s not very complicated, at all.
With this new knowledge in mind, you can start building links right away. However, to make sure you’re not wasting any of your time with the try-and-fail-until-you-figure-it-out routine, my team and I have prepared a very special step-by-step SEO blueprint for you… It’s called the “34 Days to 7,000 Daily Visitors Blueprint”…

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