Settings & Export Functions [Spin Rewriter Tutorial]

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This is Jason from In this short video, I would like to tell you everything about the “settings & export” functions.

Once your article is finalized, you are always able to generate unique versions of that spun article by clicking this button. All of the generated unique variations are shown in the field below.

If you want to download the generated unique articles onto your computer, you will need to click the “settings & export” button. You will then see these options.

To remove the original words from the freshly generated articles, check this option. By removing the original words from your spun articles you will make sure that your generated spun articles are even less similar to the original article, and even more unique than otherwise!

To export each generated article in a separate text file, pick this option. Then, select how many unique articles you want to generate from your original article. Spin Rewriter can generate up to 1,000 unique articles from your spun article with a single click. After that, click this button. When your articles are ready, you can download them by clicking this link that appears in seconds.

To export all your generated unique articles into a single text file, pick this option. Your articles will be separated by a custom “article separator” which you can enter in the field below. Again, once you have selected the desired number of spun articles, click this button. You can then download the text file that holds your articles, again by clicking this link.

To export an original file with its spintax still in place, select this option and click this button. Once your article is ready for download, you can download it by clicking this link.

Thank you for watching our tutorial video. 

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