Spin Rewriter 11 Day 4 The Archive System

You can now grab the official Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin here:  https://www.spinrewriter.com/?ref=6f97

Hi guys. And today I’m going to show you a great feature which we have spin rewriter 11 the, official WordPress plugin. This WordPress plugin is going to save you ages in time. Cause you can automatically spin and republish old place, which means it keeps your articles looking fresh. Even if you didn’t actually have time to update them, you can automatically fetch them.

Yeah. I spend 480 articles, but it’s my website. and it’s a great resource. If you need a new article on a similar subject, you can download it again, the one again, or you can take it so you can find them easily. I don’t love her, but. Yeah, it’d be quite good to take them obviously under category because then next time you need it, you could, you could find them easier.

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