Spin Rewriter 3.0 – Getting Started Tutorial Video

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Today I want to show you just how easy it is to use the Spin Rewriter software. You’ll start by logging into your Spin Rewriter account. Once you’re logged in, simply select the REWRITE YOUR ARTICLES! option and you will be taken to this screen.

Now you should place your article in this text field right here. Then, you can click this button to see some of Spin Rewriter’s most powerful features. Here, you can enable sentence and paragraph-level spinning, sentence manipulation, and automatic paragraph writing.

When you’re satisfied with your settings, simply click this button. If you checked the appropriate options before, Spin Rewriter will automatically rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs for you. It will also turn sentences around and write additional paragraphs at the end of your article completely on its own.

In the next step, Spin Rewriter will automatically rewrite your article on the single-word level which means it will find the best possible synonyms for the original words of your article. First, let’s open up the “One-Click Rewrite” settings. Since this is the first time we’re using the “One-Click Rewrite” option, let’s just go with the recommended option. You can later adjust these settings to your needs.

With a click of this button, Spin Rewriter will instantly create hundreds of unique versions of our short article – these new articles are going to be grammatically flawless and perfectly readable. Let’s check out the results. As you can see, the resulting generated text really is perfect. You can also see where Spin Rewriter used different synonyms for the same original words. This is only possible because Spin Rewriter really understands the actual meaning of every single word and phrase of your article, as well as the relationship between those words.

However, there is another important thing. To manually add synonyms to a particular word, you can simply double click it. If this word has more than one meaning, you can find a list of all available meanings on the right and easily switch between them. However, Spin Rewriter will automatically select the best one for you on its own to save you the work. All the automatically selected synonyms are highlighted here. In order to select another synonym, you can simply click it. By clicking this button, you will quickly select all synonyms. Or, you can also add your very own synonyms – just type them in here and press Enter.

After clicking this button, Spin Rewriter is going to finalize your article. Once your spun article is finalized, you can click this button — every time you click it, Spin Rewriter will generate one of the thousands of quality unique versions of your original article. By clicking here, you can also check the uniqueness of your generated article with CopyScape. In order to export the desired number of articles in your preferred format, click the Export button. Checking this option here will remove all original words from the generated articles and make them even more unique. You can then click this button to download a collection of your freshly generated unique articles.

This is pretty much everything you need in order to get started. We wish you all the best. Thanks and take care!
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