Time Challenge: 500 Articles in 45 Seconds

Hey, it’s Aaron Sustar — and here’s the thing.

You know how today each 500-word article will set you back about 6 dollars?

Well, let me show you a way – hands on! – how to create 500 completely unique articles on a random topic (like “guitar lessons”) in less than 45 seconds.

So that’s 500 unique articles, or 3000 dollars worth of unique content — in just 45 seconds.

We’re going to use Spin Rewriter for this. It’s the most advanced article spinning software out there, with the ENL Semantic Spinning technology built right in.

So, let’s start the timer and see if I can make it.

500 articles, 45 seconds. GO!

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First, we’re going to need an article about guitar lessons. Let’s click “Fetch a New Article” and use the built-in database of seed articles to find a great one to start with.

Now we’re going to take this content and create 500 completely unique articles from it. I’m just going to click this button which tells Spin Rewriter to do everything for us automatically.

Now, if I wanted manual control, I could fine-tune every little setting… but I don’t need to, because Spin Rewriter’s ENL Semantic Spinning technology makes sure that the resulting articles are perfect.

Done. Here we have our spun article… Let’s just click “Export”…

Export every article in its own text file… We want 500 unique versions.

Click the button and… “Ready to download…”

How easy was that? 🙂

In less than 45 seconds, I’ve taken a free article on “guitar lessons” and created 500 top quality unique articles from it.

And all of these articles easily pass Copyscape.

That’s 3000 dollars worth of unique content in 45 seconds…

And 500 articles is enough for all your blogs, your entire PBN network, and if you’re selling your content to clients, you’ve just created enough unique articles for all of them.

I hope you liked this quick hands-on demo, and – have a great day!

You’ll find more about the Spin Rewriter here: https://www.spinrewriter.com/?ref=6f97

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